Join Arivs

Arivs is always looking for the most competent appraisers nationwide to assist us in providing high quality work to our growing clients. We reward those appraisers with an appraisal-savvy and intelligent review staff, excellent fees, and relevant appraisal assignments.

The Partnership Experience

We choose to work closely with a few key appraisers in each coverage region so that we are able to provide consistent workflow. We appreciate quality appraisals and attention to compliance, and we show this appreciation by helping dedicated businesses see growth.

It’s About Good Appraisals – We Get It

Arivs was founded on the principle that it takes time and effort to truly understand the complex markets and variable valuation fields that appraisers work with every day. As such, Arivs is always seeking experienced appraisers that know their business and provide the best appraisals.

Payment Done Right

Arivs is dedicated to providing fair and timely payment. Unlike most appraisal management companies, it is not our goal to find the cheapest appraisal possible to maximize profit. Arivs wants the best appraisers on our roster in every region. We accomplish this goal by fairly determining what to pay appraisers and to get payment to them quickly.

Easy to Use Software System

We know it can be difficult to keep track of different management systems. That’s why the Arivs software was custom-designed with the help of certified appraisers to make tracking and turning in appraisal orders as intuitive as possible. Need a little assistance? See our “Software Help” section or contact us directly anytime.

Guaranteed Compliance

Adhering to compliance guidelines is important for any knowledgeable appraiser in today’s regulatory atmosphere. Arivs is proudly dedicated to upholding FHA Appraiser Independence Requirements. We continuously research and strictly adhere to all agency, federal, and state guidelines, erasing your liability concerns.