About Us

Arivs is a licensed national appraisal management company with offices located in your area. If you would like to speak with an account manager regarding appraisals or other consulting services, please feel free to contact us toll free at 1-800-309-0025 or by choosing the office nearest you on our Contact Us page.

Company History

Arivs was founded in 2008 prior to the implementation of HVCC. Arivs is a national appraisal management company made up of locally operated offices. Arivs’ goal
is to provide lenders with the stability and competitiveness of a national management company while retaining the quality and service that only local management can provide.

As Arivs has added both lenders and appraisers, we have maintained our strong focus on providing high quality service as an intermediate between both parties. We still do individualized reviews on every product. We still maintain a team of staff appraisers to communicate directly with you. Managing appraisals from around the country has taught us to always be ready for anything, but also to consistently fall back on the background that has made us great.

Company Goals: The Arivs Dual Mandate

The Arivs company goals provide us direction as we continuously strive to serve you better.

1. We strive to provide accurate, high-quality real estate valuation products in order to guarantee the protection of our clients through 100% adherence to all applicable agency and state compliance guidelines.

2. We render excellent customer service to our clients by focusing on clear and timely communication with underwriting and loan personnel.

We refer to these goals as the Arivs Dual Mandate. While both goals are driving forces behind the Arivs customer service model, the first goal always takes precedence. This way, you can rely on the fact that Arivs always has your future and overall company security in mind.

Core Values

Our core values determine the direction we take as we make daily decisions regarding our corporate culture and relationships with clients and vendors alike.

Clear Communication: Developing effective and clear lines of communication is critical to the way we do business here at Arivs. We offer live phone answering during the entirety of our business hours. Our specially designed software provides clients and appraisers with real-time updates on all order status changes. Perhaps most importantly, our on-staff appraisers are always available to discuss potential issues with underwriting and answer questions for field appraisers and vendors.

Not only is open communication important to us, but strictly adhering to the compliance guidelines set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and all other agencies is also a key priority. Walking the line between these two aspects of communication can be difficult for larger management company staffs, but closely trained Arivs personnel are careful to guarantee excellent communication in both regards.

Ethics and Integrity: Working in national appraisal management necessitates a strong commitment to the ethical standards of the industry. That’s why integrity is a main focus of the hiring practices of Arivs. We also work hard to stress dedication to moral standards during employee training sessions and throughout the vendor selection process. We believe that a focus on ethics and integrity assures our clients that all agency compliance guidelines will be closely followed. This guarantees all of our partner lenders and private clients the peace of mind that they should be able to expect from their appraisal management company.

High Quality: We know that fast turn times and excellent fee schedules won’t be helpful to our clients unless we can also guarantee top quality appraisals the first time, every time. Retaining on-staff appraisers with years of experience allows us to spend time verifying that the appraisers on our panel in every region nationwide are those appraisers that can be relied upon to consistently complete accurate, quality work. Additionally, we take the time to perform administrative reviews on each and every appraisal that we release to client users, which means your underwriting department will be satisfied early on with appraisals completed through Arivs. This attention to detail and dedication to excellence saves you time–and therefore lets you spend more time focusing on your own growth.