Adding a Note or Requesting Changes

If you need to communicate with an Arivs Operations Department staff member to ask a question, request an appraisal amendment, or provide information, click “Add Note” in the notes section at the bottom right of the screen.

If you are on your Main page, you can add a Note by clicking on the green plus sign on the right side of an appraisal order.

The Note box will looks like this. Click “Create” to publish your Note to the order.

You can also add a note by clicking “Respond” on the Main page when a document is in the “Refer to Comments” queue.

When a Note is added to a file, the appraisal order is automatically put into a “Refer to Comments” queue so an Arivs staff member will respond to your message right away. Similarly, when an Arivs staff member adds a Note to the job, it will be moved to the top of your Main page screen in the “Refer to Comments” queue so you can always remain informed.